Baby oil gel made with ingredients from the baby food aisle? That’s a no-brainer

Baby oil is a major ingredient in the food and drink aisle, and a lot of baby foods come with ingredients that can potentially cause serious health issues.

But what are the ingredients in baby oil?

Let’s take a look.


Squalane OilA sweet, floral oil that smells and tastes like grapefruit and is used in many home remedies.

According to Consumer Reports, it is the primary ingredient in baby wipes and is added to some baby food to improve their texture.

Squalane is also a natural preservative used in a variety of home remedies and is found in the popular Soya Butter and Balsamic Vinegar.

Consumer Reports recommends that you avoid using squalane-based baby oil products.


Phenol A natural preservatives found in some baby products and baby foods that can be toxic to your unborn baby’s developing liver and kidneys.

It can cause birth defects, including cleft lip and palate, and can also increase the risk of liver damage.

Phenol is used to make certain foods and beverages that contain milk and formula.


Fumaric AcidA preservative that can disrupt the metabolism of the cells in your body, causing them to break down proteins and sugars and turn into fatty acids.

Fumaric acid can also lead to serious metabolic disorders, including heart disease and diabetes.


Lanolin A natural emulsifier that can act as a barrier to some foods and drinks.

Lanolin can act like a thickening agent, preventing water from leaking into your intestines.


Caramel A thickening, emulsifying agent that is commonly used to emulsify certain foods, including oatmeal, bread, cookies, milk and yogurt.

It has also been used to help prevent food spoilage in processed foods and may also aid in the development of healthy teeth.


Sodium Laureth Sulfate, a preservative commonly found in infant formula and other baby products.

It is a component of many infant and toddler formulas and can be used as a thickener, to help thicken certain foods that are already solidified.


Carotene A naturally occurring colorless pigment that is also found in foods, such as carrots and citrus fruits.

It’s often used as an emulsification agent in cooking, baking and other processed foods.


Stearic Acid A thickener used to thicken products, such a yogurt, that can contain high levels of starch.

It may be used in foods that have high amounts of added sugar, such the sweetened fruit and cereal products.


Panthenol and Stearyl Alcohol A natural moisturizer and preservative found in many baby products, including some baby wipes.

Panthenol helps prevent water from dripping into your digestive tract and helps prevent hair loss and other signs of dehydration.

It also has a variety a number of health benefits, including lowering cholesterol levels and increasing your energy levels.


Cocoa Butter A thickened, emulsion-like product that’s often made with palm kernel oil, coconut oil and coconut butter.

It helps prevent bacteria and fungi from colonizing your mouth and intestines and can help keep you feeling fresh.

It promotes healthy skin, hair and nails.


Lactobacillus acidophilus A bacteria found in milk and other dairy products, which helps to prevent and treat diarrhea.

It works by promoting the growth of healthy gut bacteria.


Powdered Oat Meal A thick, thickening ingredient found in a number

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