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Watch: The ‘Catch-22’ of the ‘Big Oil’ debate

Oil and gas producers are in the middle of a dispute over the value of crude oil, but not everyone is happy with the outcome.

The most recent round of oil prices has caused a lot of uncertainty, but a recent survey has found that a majority of Americans believe that oil companies are being too aggressive.

The WSJ reports that the poll, which was conducted between April and May, found that the majority of respondents believed that oil prices are too high, but that most also believe that the price is too low.

However, most people don’t know which of these opinions are correct, and the poll found that this is where the debate really starts to heat up.

In the survey, people said they felt that the companies were being too ambitious, too greedy, and too aggressive, but only a quarter of people think that the oil companies should be allowed to raise prices, with the rest saying they should stay at current levels.

The poll also found that people thought that the current oil prices were too high and that the industry should be able to handle a lower price.

The survey also found the opposite to be true: the oil industry thinks that they should be given more time to adjust to lower prices.

The question asked was “What should the oil and gas industry do if prices are lower and the industry finds itself in a situation that would make it impossible to operate?

Should it lower prices by more than 25%?”

Respondents were asked “Do you think oil companies need to raise the prices they charge consumers by 25% or not?”

The answer was “yes” by a large majority of people.

However in the survey respondents were split on whether the price should be lowered or kept low by 25%.

A majority of those surveyed said that the average person should be compensated by 25%, while nearly half said that they thought that oil and natural gas companies should remain the same price.

On the other hand, those who said that oil price hikes should be avoided were more likely to be against price increases than those who supported higher prices.

Those who thought that prices should be kept low, however, were more supportive of keeping prices low.

The Wall Street Journal reports that, while most people were against oil prices going lower, there were also some people who were in favor of higher prices, like in the case of gas.

In addition to the poll asking whether oil prices should go lower or stay the same, the poll also asked people what the oil price should have been at the beginning of 2017, and respondents were asked whether they agreed or disagreed with the statement “Oil prices should have risen by at least 25% in 2017.”

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